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      Premier League bosses are set to be faced with a difficult decision on the final weekend of the season as a potential three-way showdown between Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City is on the cards.

      On nine occasions since 1992, two teams have fought out the top spot on the final day, with Liverpool and Manchester City doing so twice in recent seasons with Jurgen Klopp missing out on both occasions.

      This season it looks like Arsenal could be joining the final day party, with Mikel Arteta’s side currently top of the table with ten games to go.

      All three sides in contention will be at home, as Arsenal face Everton, Liverpool host Wolves as they did in 2022, and City play West Ham.

      The Premier League trophy is one of the most iconic symbols in English football, and its history and tradition are deeply ingrained in the league’s culture. Crafted by Asprey London, the Crown Jewellers, there are two identical solid silver trophies that serve different purposes.

      Trophy one is the main trophy that remains with the current champions until they hand it back three weeks before the end of the season.

      The second trophy serves a different purpose as it is used by the Premier League for various sponsorship events and promotional activities around the world.

      With only two trophies and three potential winning stadiums, the maths simply don’t add up, but according to The Sun, there is a solution in place.

      At the infamous Stockley Park, there is a Premier League trophy on display, and while it is neither identical nor solid silver, it is reportedly similar enough to use in these unforeseen circumstances.

      Despite all this fuss, whoever gets their hands on the trophy will have to give it back within two weeks in order for it to be professionally cleaned after the often messy title celebrations.

      Source: Sportsbible

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