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      Even the most hardened football fan is likely to be distracted on Tuesday.

      That’s because today, November 8, is the American election.

      The American public has a simple choice: do they want Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to be their new Commander-in-Chief.

      As is the way of the world, football fans have somehow managed to linked Trump’s potential presidency to FC Barcelona superstar Leo Messi.

      It’s fair to say that the social media updates linking Trump to Messi are generally negative towards the Republican nominee.

      Read the best tweets linking Messi to Trump below.

      wayne barber @wbarber10
      Really cant believe Trump or Clinton will be taking over from Obama. That's like Barcelona replacing Messi with Robbie Savage. Mental.

      Tom Phillips @thomasphi
      losing obama and getting trump or hilary is like losing messi on a free transfer and replacing him with afonso alves or david n'gog

      amadí 💭 @amadoit__
      Trump: “Messi never cursed at Valencia fans.”
      Anderson Cooper: “Sir, there's video footage of it.”
      Trump: “The mainstream media is biased.”

      And what about Trump & Ronaldo?

      Of course, others are trying to pair Trump with Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

      Those tweets are below.

      $HOTTi @shayanhatam

      Idk what's worse..Trump winning the election tomo or Ronaldo winning Ballon d'or next month

      Cris MH⚽️ @CrisMHoyos

      I feel like Trump is like the Cristiano ronaldo of politics and Hillary is like the Messi of politics … true stuff. … #GoLio

      Olly @Giroudesquee

      Cristiano Ronaldo, Olivier Giroud, Mauro Icardi, Donald Trump FC. 4 main men.

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      Hilarious tweets there..

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