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      Q- In the last 12-14 months, you have lost your grandfather, brother, job and now you lost your marriage, children and house. How do you cope?

      I lost my job wife, everything. The situation made me scared. Due to shame, I have to hide myself to avoid being noticed. At a point, I ran out of gas completely in my house. There were times I didn’t have electricity in my house. Despite a court order to vacate my house, I will keep fighting until the end.

      Q – When last did you see your kids?

      I have not seen my children in six months. I am not allowed to see them. I talk with my two girls, but I haven’t had contact with them in two months. I miss my children a lot.  It pains me a lot to see other children with their parents while I can even see mine. My son plays for Arsenal’s feeders’ team, but due to my ban, it was difficult for him to cope in school because his peers were making jest of my situation. But when I joined Sunderland, I was happy but it didn’t last long. After the ban, they took my happiness away, and it has been difficult ever since.

      What next for you?

      I will be happy if Arsenal can help me. It is not about money. I will be glad to work with the boys there. Maybe Arsenal fans still love me. Over there, it is like a family. Though I don’t play for Arsenal again, but when some of them see me on the road or in the street, they always call me legend.

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